Amberg Technologies

Hat ölçüm cihazları üreten İsviçre firması Amberg Technologies firmasının yetkili temsilcisi ÖzenRay Demiryolu Ltd. Şti’dir.

Amberg Ölçüm
Hattınızı ölçün!
Highly efficient system for as-built surveying of existing railway lines including powerful interfacing for selective data transfer to other applications and subsequent analyses.

Amberg Beton Yol
394.3 km/s? Problem değil!
Integrated surveying solution, optimised for the typical requirements during construction, monitoring and maintenance of slab track projects.

Amberg Buraj
The perfect track!

High-performance system solution for track-alignment data or control point based tamping survey.

Amberg Gabari
Speedy and definite clearance assessments with real time results
Modular system solution for automatic clearance surveying completed by typical railway analyses and documentation.

GRP System FX
Three measuring systems to choose from!
Universal system solution configurable for user specific applications.