Vadi Istanbul finucular project which will be constructed by private sector enterprise first time in Turkey and will hand over to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has 7% slope and 3500 passengers capacity per hour. Two cars will provide service between finucular stations which are close to Seyrantepe metro station and shopping mall in Vadi Istanbul. Each […]

OzenRay and Arthur Flury AG Signed Representation Agreement: Arthur Flury AG is represented in Turkey by DeSa Company until September 1, 2015. DeSa company assigned representation of Arthur Flury AG to OzenRay Railway Company at September 1, 2015. Arthur Flury AG has solutions about catenery and electrification for tramway, LRT, Metro, Conventional Lines and High […]

OzenRay and Amberg Technologies Signed Colsultancy Agreement:Amberg Technologies AG whic is established in Switzerland and Ozenray Railway Co. signed consultancy agreement on September 1, 2014. Within more than 25 years experience, Amberg Technologies corresponds all technological developments about measurement of railway track and tunnels. Amberg Technologies became the leader company in its sector. Amberg has […]